Spaced Repetition Learning

What is Spaced Repetition Learning?

Spaced Repetition learning is a way of learning and retaining information for long periods of time, by varying the time between when each piece of information is shown again, based on how well that information is already known.

Information which is harder to recall is shown more frequently than information which is easier to recall.

How does Spaced Repetition Learning work?

Spaced Repetition learning works great with flashcards, where information is written on the front and back of the card. When processing a card, your task is to recall the information on the back of the card when shown the information on the front of the card.

Depending on if you were able to correctly recall the information on the back of the card, and how easy it was to recall, will depend on when you process that card again.

How does FlashTabs use Spaced Repetition Learning?

FlashTabs uses a specially designed algorithm to calculate the most optimal time for you to learn each of the cards in your decks. It does this based on the score given after learning each card.

A lower score means the information was more difficult to recall, so that information will be shown again sooner. A higher score means the information easier to recall, so there will be a larger amount of time before showing that card again.

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