Never Stop Learning

Flashcards in your new tab screen

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How It Works

  1. Install the free extension

  2. Create your deck

  3. Each time you open a new tab you'll see a flash card


  • So wait, what's FlashTabs?
    FlashTabs is a simple Chrome Extension that makes learning easy. No longer do you have to load up a flashcard application to process through your deck, now you can create a deck and process through it as part of your daily workflow, every time you open a new tab screen.
  • Who made this?

    FlashTabs is the second project of #SixBySix, our challenge to launch six projects in six months. You can read more about FlashTabs here.

  • Why are you doing this?

    We made FlashTabs as we wanted to use it ourselves. We wanted a simple way to learn information, and we knew flashcards was the way forwards. The issue was that all the flashcard apps out there required you to make an effort to learn. We wanted learning to become part of our daily workflow.

  • How much does this cost?
    FlashTabs is and always will be free.
  • I've got some feedback, how can I let you know?
    Sweet! We'd love to hear it. Check out our Typeform, drop us an email or tweet us a twitter.

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